SMU / DCU – intelligence for LONATI machines

SMU DCU is one of the first our products that became the bestseller incredibly fast. This little, very compact device can replace the tape recorder „Digital Cassette Unit” and „DCU Adapter” which enables you to upload the software for pattern machines from LONATI 300 (L304, L362 etc.) series company. Thanks to the built-in FLASH memory, one can store up to 20-30 different settings at once. Special application called WinDCU is included in the set, which enables you to manage the memory contents. With the built-in buttons and display, selection of specific patterns is very straightforward. SMU DCU was specially designed for LONATI machines, so that we can guarantee that the device will be compatible with the original machine software. LPT cable and additional power adapter is included in the set.


Product characteristics

  • Practicality

    Substitutes the Digital Cassette Unit and DCU Adapter

  • Compatibility

    Compatible with LONATTI 300 series machines

  • Flash memory

    Built-in FLASH memory

  • Software

    Special WinDCU application included

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